One of those strange days

May be there’s some people like me, and there’s no only me in this green-blue planet.
This is one of those moments when my mind starts flying and running away. From me.
I’m a girl like any other, I like to spend my time in front of a painitig, in the middle of a piece of music, speaking another language, alone, kissing, saying stupid things, and daaancing with every sound floating in the air.
Because life, is dance. All the movement of he city, the cars, the people walking down the streets, dogs, polution, (  by the way, disgusting ) everything floats in this mind-made-building.
I supose that, if al the things I know, hear, touch, smell, see… must go trough mi brain before be known, probably IN this universe I hardly know, (but feel as a presentiment), there are only the daughetrs of my ideas…
The molecules, in their most small particules, are made of … kind of "sinapsis" sistem of existence.
So…. the only thing that really exist… are… OUR IDEAS…..
so we can create anything just thinking of it.
                                            Life is great
( Fabulous that we can’t make babies just thinking of them…altough … wish it were that the reason they’re here )   you know…  

2 comentarios en “One of those strange days

  1. my dear sobrina…do u realize how good u r writing another language that is not yours?I\’m so proud of u…….you write better english than me……..I live here where I\’m surrounded by people who speak this so cold languange…but here I\’m ..writing and thinking in englishI love u…an I love \’ur familysee ya later!!

  2. isa! how are you?? somebodoy thinks you´re good writing in another language so do english is not as good as i wish it was… and i can´t write as well as you do in our language!i think your really inteligent you can speak english spanish and french! also you can talk about art and about anything with that kind of sense you have.. jaja no me entendi… por eso mejor escribo en español… cuando lei "one of those strange days" te imagine explicandolo como lo haces en clase de frances jaja no se como le haces pero haces que todos te entiendan…aparte es genial como parece que estas en un cuento!jeje me caes bn!!

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