so I”ll write in light and I”ll carve it in stone… I was made for loving you

I was put on this sweet earth too…
I was made to love  you..
I tought today in the morning, while I was walking to school trough that terrible street after the metrobus…  what a strange kind of thinking about death we humans have…  We cry when someone dies,  get sad,  miss that one, but life can´t be eternal any way, it’s like be sad because the sun goes out everymorning because we don’t like sunlight, but we know is keep-on going out because if it weren’t so, life wouldn’t exist. We like it or not.
Maybe we don’t live life the way it must be . Because loose someone we love means that we’ll not hear his voice or see his eyes, or feel in our bodies his embrace, and all those things are importants to us because those things help us to know how much that one loves us.
But even when he’s gone, we can remember his words, and all the things he showed to us when he was alive. And in the end of ours lives and even while we’re alives that’s the most important.
Cry because of the death is like cry for the end of childhood, or youth, or adult life.
We can’t stop or change the way the life is.
The same cycle of life- death is present in our organisms, in every cell, each second,
and that’s what keeps us alives .
Everythings remains in human memory, in our DNA, or in our colective memory.    so let’s die everybody!!    hahaha

2 comentarios en “so I”ll write in light and I”ll carve it in stone… I was made for loving you

  1. carissima bambolina…….sono orgogliosa di te….la tua maniera di scrivere fa svegliare dentro di noi, dentro di tutti queli che ti legogno.le celule che sono addormentate….querida muñequitaestoy orgullosa de ti..tu manera de escribir hace despertar dentro de nosotoros, aquellos que te leer, las celulas que estan dormidas..te quiero mucho

  2. Hola. Muchas gracias por firmar mi espacio. Me dio mucho gusto encontrar el primer comentario tan pronto, y tan agradable. Espero que te sea, y a muchos otros, de mucha utilidad, y que se extienda el placer de leer, pero sobre todo la experiencia de aprender a sentir inteligentemente a través con espacios como el tuyo y el mío. Tu blog es excelente también, lo estaré visitando con frecuencia =).

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