A revolution

1st non sense reporting

In the decade of the 80’s a vulcano appeared in the middle of the city-planet. People realized that earth was telling something to herself. She was asking herself; is this me? do I exist? am I alone in the universe?

Twenty years later a man got to travel trough time. This man, a disident of a non-disident world, heard the last part of the universal-stargate concert, and decided to do something about it. When you finally find the healing for a non struggling life, you open your eyes, take your years-knowledge luggage and go look for those who wrote the big song. 

The big song sang when stars said, hey-here-we-are, is the mother of all the latest music of kids, now young people, with lava on their vains as a thousand volcanos sleeping in the undergound ready to wake up the world from the nap, with white-clothes colored people inside of their hearts. When they see each other for first time they start recoginizing the real story, they fall in love with meaningless fights that save bird’s souls. And birds and giant growing fire trees under the cities and lost babies from diferent cultures, and travels in time, and brain lap-top parties occupy hotel’s rooms, beat “visceral hate” to the top of it’s structure and break with hope any shell the “old-humanity” had been developing over the past five hundred years. “Get naked!” the sun said; and all of them wondered again; is the time traveler having a secret plan for all of us? they looked in each other’s mirror, kissed the grave of  pain of constant wodering through their past lives, kept a pen, a notebook and their lips ready to become all ears, and left their old bodies. Nobody knows what happened with their old “whos”. Now there’s only a giant wood of flying trees, wandering paper wings, and music all over the new world they all created with their questions. 

Have you been there?

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